Kart Republic


We are happy to announce that the Kris Martin team has join the kart Republic family and are new dealers in southern Ontario.

Kris is well known for his strong karting program as well as for his amazing car experience!

You can now reach Kris for any KR product such as Mini, Briggs, direct drive chassis and all KR parts in the southern Ontario region.

Let’s embrace this 2024 season together 

Contact today via Kris@krismartinracing.com

Kris will already start the racing in the 2024 season with two drivers in the Briggs SR GABRIEL CANUTO and KIAN SARGOOD


Kris Martin, KMR Owner



I have been racing since 10 years old and it has been my passion since a very young age. Being in a race car is what drives me to compete and growing up let me know that anything is possible. People ask me all the time, how can you race when you are deaf? My only response is “let me show you”. I want to take all my experience and help kids that are in a similar situation as me and teach them. I travel all over the world to speak with kids to tell them they can do anything they want to do no matter the obstacle. I want to motivate young people to follow their dreams, even if it is outside of racing. Racing gave me the confidence to excel in all things in life. My goal is to show others that they can have the same opportunity.



I started racing in 2020 in the Canadian Mini indy arrive and drive series. My first time ever on the track Kris Martin was in the pits helping me out. He introduced me to basic skills that all good racing drivers need in order to succeed. 3 years later and in my 2nd season for racing at the national level I reunited with Kris and from there he helped me out in almost every way and was a big part of my success in 2023. I have a big passion for motorsports. The adrenaline rush * get when i race is unlike any other. I also feel that the way the sport is cannot compare to any other. My ultimate goal is to make it into a car racing series, but i also want to win the Canadian Karting Championship this year and I feel I have the best chance to do that with KMR.



Peruvian-Australian race car driver Kian Sargood’s journey on the track has been a testament to his resilience and determination to compete. Born in 2006, in Clermont, Florida, Kian’s fascination with being behind the wheel ignited at the age of 2. His passion for competition flourished through various sports until the age of 10, when he found his true calling in motorsport. Through sheer curiosity in 2017, Kian embarked on his racing career, joining an Arrive-n’-Drive series in the latter half of the season. Despite starting late, Kian’s talent shone brightly as he finished second overall, completing only half the races as his competitors. Building on this success throughout 2018 and 2019, he clinched victory in the latter season, amassing an impressive total of over 40 career wins. Despite financial hurdles, Kian pursued his dream, competing in the HRKC season with his own kart by 2020. Throughout challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kian consistently placed in the top 5 and secured podium finishes against multiple Canadian champions. However, despite his early successes, Kian faced setbacks when mechanical issues and financial constraints forced him to halt his racing endeavors in 2021 and 2022. Undeterred, he returned to the track in 2023, self-funded and more determined than ever. Demonstrating his unwavering skill and talent, Kian’s triumphant comeback showcased his ability to overcome life’s adversities with sheer resilience. For Kian, racing isn’t just about winning; it’s about striving to foster a sense of unity, sharing the exhilaration of motorsport and illustrating the boundless potential of one’s dreams among his own. His ultimate goal is to reach Formula 1 and proudly represent his countries on the world stage. Inspired by legendary legacies like Ayrton Senna, Kian is motivated to pursue his dreams and inspire others to chase theirs.